Group Coaching for Life Purpose

I have been working away at developing a career coaching workshop. Using a group coaching format and staying true to the ICF coaching competencies is a challenge, but progress is being made. One of the topics I have been playing with is that of life purpose. It can be seen as a bit ‘fluffy’ by hard heads (myself included), but if you believe, as I do, that career aspirations have to be located in the broader context of family, community and personal wellbeing, then finding one’s own life purpose is a prerequisite. There is quite a lot of literature on life purpose which is based on religion: God’s purpose for you. This is definitely not my starting point. My hunt is purely secular. I was interested to read an on-line article by Clayton Christensen who is a professor at the Harvard business school. He says of his students that “clarity about their purpose will trump knowledge of activity-based costing, balanced scorecards, core competence, disruptive innovation, the four Ps, and the five forces. “ This is a great quote which I can use in my workshops. Meanwhile, the task goes on to successfully incorporate life purpose into a workshop format where the main focus is on career development.

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