Career Planning Reality Checks

I am still beavering away at my group career coaching workshops, and will soon have this project completed.  Finding the right career is not the same as finding the right job.  Career work is very much about the heart, whereas jobseeking is more about the head – the use of good tactical skills.  However, career work does need reality checks about where future employment opportunities might lie.  The World Future Society has just published the following jobs forecasts for the United States, and it is a good guide to trends in Australia.  This is it:

Hottest jobs for 2016:

– Network systems and data communications analysts

(53.4% more U.S. employees than in 2006)

– Personal and home care aides (up 50.6%)

– Home health aides (up 48.7%)

– Computer software engineer (up 44.6%)

– Veterinary technologist/technician (up 41.0%).

Coldest jobs for 2016:

– Photographic processing machine operator

(49.8% fewer U.S. employees than in 2006)

– File clerk (down 41.3%)

– Sewing machine operator (down 27.2%)

– Electrical and electronic equipment assembler

(down 26.8%)

– Computer operator (down 24.7%).

— “U.S. Employment Ups and Downs, 2006-2016,”

Sep-Oct 2009, p. 30

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