Transpersonal Coaching

An International Coaching Federation professional development seminar this September featured Donna Czupryna, who has developed an intensive coaching program focused on transpersonal techniques. According to Donna, transpersonal literally means ‘beyond the person’, but transpersonal coaching is hard to define. Arguably, all professional coaching provides a safe environment for the achievement of transformational change, but transpersonal coaching attempts to reach beyond the cognitive/mental models of coaching to explore higher awareness, mind-body wisdom, creative capacity and connectedness (with community, planet or universe). This approach probably lends itself best to life coaching, but its methodology can contribute to both career and developmental coaching, particularly in respect the self-discovery work of identifying life purpose and core values.
I found Donna’s map of human transformation particularly relevant to processes of change. It is based on Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, which is very much a Jungian concept. Change is rarely a straight trajectory and each stage may be re-visited several times. Change takes courage and persistence. Setbacks are always part of the journey, and finding the resilience and strength to persevere is an heroic journey no matter what descriptive tag is attached to coaching practice.

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