Have you caught up with the London School of Economic’s Mappiness Project.  To date, 31,795 Brits have signed up by downloading an app to their smart phones which beeps them as a prompt to rate how happy they are at any particular moment.    The primary goal of this project has been to learn the effects of different environmental conditions on relative happiness.  Notwithstanding the rather ugly British weather around this time of the year, it is emerging that on average people are happier outdoors in a natural environment than indoors, although, unsurprisingly, less so when it is windy and rainy.  Also early results show that people are happier in non work hours than leisure hours, with Saturday being the peak.  Check it out on  An academic paper is planned to be submitted by early February.  My work is centered on the search for happiness in the workplace.  We spend way too much time, and invest way too much of ourselves in our workplace identities, to perform work which is unsatisfying.  Work should be playful, in my view, even at its most serious.  This research also makes me wonder – are people with outdoor jobs more happy than those who work indoors?  Or perhaps happiness experienced outdoors is higher because of the contrast to working indoors. Just being outdoors may be a surrogate for leisure.  Interesting stuff!

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