Always learning

I finished my Masters degree in coaching from Sydney University three months ago. Dr Tony Grant, the Director of the Coaching Psychology Unit, said to us at a meeting of the University of Sydney Coaching and Mentoring Association that we shouldn’t think that just because we had a Masters, we were masters of coaching. So it proves to be … the more I learn about coaching, the more I find I still need to learn. Nonetheless, my years of coaching experienced have now been ‘certified’ and I can approach my coaching assignments with the confidence of a professional, but with a level of self-awareness that reminds me to be humble.  A coach accompanies a client knowing that answers to all the challenges and goals s/he may articulate lie within that person.

This is the first post of my new website. I have put it together myself, and it remains a work in progress. Future posts will be about coaching – research, insights, innovations, anecdotes and context. One of my signature strengths is a love of learning, so I am hoping that visitors to this site will do a bit of their own hitchhiking by providing me with comments and feedback. To paraphrase Sir John Whitmore, be aware; take responsibility.