Career Coaching

Advances in information technology and the ubiquitous impacts of globalisation are inevitably changing the world of work.  There was a time when one’s identity and focus at work was quite separate from one’s identity and focus at home, or at least that is how the industrial era conceptualised work.  This is no longer true – work is not an activity limited to a particular place; nor is it an activity confined to a distinct period of time.

Tammy Johns of Manpower Inc. recently declared that career management has been outsourced to its owners.  Not only do you need to be your own ‘brand’, you will need to know yourself as well as you would any of the academic specialisations or learned competencies which you are marketing.   So, who is brand you?  Does your personal brand have clarity of mission and purpose?  What are your own learning needs and what is your personal development plan?  The answers lie in your level self awareness and preparedness to take personal responsibility for your own performance.

With Coach Works, you can expect to:

Complete the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, with a specific output being a career report based on your personality type.

Complete the Strong Interest Inventory, with a specific report prepared rating your relative suitability to a wide variety of jobs, based on the interests you share with people who love their work.

Complete the Penn University values in action questionnaire and explore your signature strengths in order to align career aptitudes with personal qualities.

Set career goals in concordance with your life purpose, which will be explored using a transpersonal coaching methodology.

Write an action plan to achieve those career goals.

This will require a minimum of eight coaching sessions, each of which will take about one hour.  Coaching sessions are offered at $150 per hour, with at-cost psychometric testing of approximately $250 to be met by client.  Alternatively, you can purchase this career coaching opportunity as a package at $1330, which is a 10 percent saving on the hourly rate.